ACE explores rhythmical composition in a style they have coined as String Poetry. String Poetry is the act of reinventing and stringing diverse pieces of literature and marrying itself to original verses; philosophizing the internal and external perspectives we inhabit in our everyday life.
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state of the heART

Take it away Charlie... 

90 documental minutes and 110.5 million thoughts

something like a lesson from blood affairs

something like a mythical bird flapping youthful wings, 

past 2(3),000 years.


With possible sounds of heaven,

I am now setting free the traps set in my forest-  letting my animals go!

maybe freedom isn't having long hair, or maybe freedom is?


while I pursue a battle of human intention and human effect,

can I shake the man hand?

and wake up in my own way? 

as a night veiled girl 

laying back on warm sand 

inside brown alkaline skin

humming to my 23 years of life.


 Intentions have arrived.