\ Generation Helix and light years beyond. 

No sexual dimorphism.

People? Technology? Synonymous. 

Unity if fraud. 

Currency is one. 

Currency is double talk. 

Currently, as always

currency leads like lead in water.

Diplomats are fraud. 

Truth is wilderness with no peace. 

Elephants are violent. 

Race is foreign. 

Love is vague.

Meaning is vain. 

Together we manufacture within alluring Red Lines. 


Once conscious. 
Once paralleled the universe. 
Once paralleled the light. 
The genius. 
The people. 
A hardboiled egghead, 
and a surface that breaks with zero zero effort.
When the surface of my generation cracked, 
I asked the parrots to sing to me. 
Cracking the mountaintop now is a nonnative pain 
with 0 0 0 and 0 natural remedies. 
This method of needlessness is a detrimental operation. 
This method is an unwanted fragment from the loam. 
This method is to synthesize with no rhythm, no beat. 
Beat myself because I can't beat myself. 
So, I beat the somatic drums. 
and sing back to parrots. 
" Give my chickens wings, give my chickens wings. Give wings that defeat gravity, and your colours that produce sound." 
-ace a