Negusa Negast

                                                     JAH JAH JAH
Pages of Kebra Negast.
Negusa Negast.
The 30's power of trinity.
Austere, penetrating
eyes.  D A R K
Born, en emperor's
Messiahship of Adis
1 million truths and black
images of divinity.
I and I.
Wether sleeping or
awake, travel is Jah.
Babylon resides/resigns
with fortune, death and 
some other issues.
Zion, the heaven with no polluted deluge. 
Reafricanization of the mind.
Thoughts clean as a bobo shanti.
Ubi Sunt
Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuernt?
" it is us today. It will be 
you tomorrow "
 seeking INsight ; pre-judice
the first, the 1st
    semitic s t a n c e slurd
          3,000 suns revolved
and revolved
     the land of Judah ; the                   Mountain of Zion
         what ever happened to
          my ideas of Ethiopia
           my ideas of Amharic
   my ideas of Sub-Saharan Art
  my ideas of Kushite Kingdoms
  my ideas of Nubian Pyramids 
             injah - /'kerij/
    they promised to bury the        bones,
    bones, bones of our niger
            karma kismet fate
      S umerians // S lease
  in simulation
     priests in lavish robe[s]
    elderly warrior[s]
 with lion mane[s]
     Italian colonial invasion 
   a e nded bodily into heaven 
         UPON wetting the end.