Origin of Orgasm

Obscenity, like Carthrage, must fall- 
in helpless, trembling bondage 
her soul's weight lies on thee
moths fly 
to choros ;
here-away into
the phlox 
baths flow of 
virginalis ichor-
Liquefaction of her clothes 
Unlace your balmorals, 
expose the actual 
make me Lord. 
my heart is on fire 
with all the vengeance of hell  
When I cast mine 
eyes and see, that brave vibration 
her erotic posture multiplies 
rub your clitoris against the holy mountain, it is time
" I in mine. O, I in mine" 
coil your serpent body into the hands of bahai 
between her lips and mine. 
- I have found 
the origin of orgasm, plague of butterflies 
The body's purity is a scurrilous remark. 
The body's purity is pornography. 
The body is Blue. 
The body is Green.
A delightful detriment. 
                                          To the mind I tell ya! 
                                          To the mind I tell ya! 
Sing the ballads of Origin in the Origin of Orgasm. 
An Origin... that may suicide twice.