Youth in Yonder

upon lithium tongue,

I was neither living nor dead

and I knew nothing,

licking lusts milky white cum.


too late for the G O D S 
too early for B E I N G 


fuck the religious reflections - reform the Ages!


confine yourself 

to a single thought

that one day stands still...(ness)

stillness - at the birth of simple light

stillness - in courage waging wars 

stillness - be still and know that YOU are GOD


by the shadow of my hand,

in the lamb white days,

future funeral grains rebirth the vision of

                                Y O U T H


this strut - digs no more into these chains ($)

dripping endlessly like Ivy from veins

O - the prophetic despair of modern worship,

a swarming metropolis of alien design.


VIOLENT DOOM & vivid conception, 

Truth at the core of a mechanical society

withdrawn in austerity & tragic wisdom


do not be born again,
be merciful and uncorrupted,
its only misuse of the Mind(mindless).